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Privacy Policy

1.1  Whose data do we collect

We hold data on those applicants who have given financial or other supporting information to Kelmarsh Windfarm Community Benefit – CIO (KWCB), in particular, those who apply to the KWCB for grant awards, whether on behalf of an organisation, charity, club or personally.

1.2 How we obtain your data

The majority of the information KWCB hold about you has been provided direct to us by you via our website or on application forms.

We also collect data from publicly available sources and directories such as the Charity Commission and Companies House.

1.3 What we do with your data and why

The core purposes of our data processing are to provide the best services and communications to you from the KWCB.

The KWCB may use data obtained, other than from you, to ensure that your contact details are up to date, and to ensure that appropriate due diligence is carried out to safeguard the assets and reputation of the KWCB.

1.4 We collect the following classes of information:

  • Name(s) and address, email, phone number and other relevant contact details and preferences.
  • Occupation, skills and professional activity.
  • Financial information.
  • Information about our relationship with you including, correspondence, meeting notes, etc.
  • Information necessary for us to manage the KWCB funds.

1.5 Protecting your data

KWCB will always keep your data secure in our database with the appropriate security mechanisms in place. In principle we do not share your data with anyone else or any other organisation unless it is necessary to do so for the purpose for which you have given us the data.

KWCB will only share information on grant award applicants with the KWCB Parish Representatives, Kelmarsh Wind Farm Limited, and Charity Link (our accountable finance body).

KWCB may publish data on successful grant award recipients, groups, organisations (e.g. grant amounts, project/charitable purpose) but we will anonymise details appropriately.

KWCB may pass data to other organisations, known as Data Processors, to enable them to provide specific IT or Communication services to us alone. An appropriate contract will always be in place with a chosen Data Processor, and they are not allowed to do anything with your data other than that which we have requested.  

1.6 KWCB legal responsibilities

The law requires KWCB to tell grant award applicants the basis on which we process your data.

If the law requires your consent to process data in a certain way then we will obtain it before carrying out that activity or if other activities are carried out to fulfil a contract or agreement. This is because each activity may require us to know who you are, and to process your information, in order to do the activity, you have asked us to do. If a contract is in place, then we will process your data based on that contract.

In all other cases the law allows KWCB to process your data, if it is in our legitimate interest to do so, but only so long as we need to and your “interests or your fundamental rights and freedoms are not overriding”.

This means that KWCB will carry out internal checks that will not cause you harm by processing that data, and that the processing is not overly intrusive and that we will only do so in a way which is described in this privacy notice.
KWCB will only keep data for as long as is needed to complete the task for which it was collected, or until we no longer need it.

Your legal rights

The law requires KWCB to tell you that you have a variety of rights about the way we process your data.

These are as follows:

Where our use of your data requires consent, you may withdraw this consent at any time.

Where we rely on our legitimate interest to process data, you may ask us to stop doing so.

You may request a copy of the data we hold about you.

You may change or stop the way in which we communicate with you or process data about you, and if it is not required for the purpose you provided it, then we will do so.  We will always endeavour to comply with such a request, however, if you are not satisfied with the way we have processed your data, then you can complain to the Office of the Information Commissioner.

Contacting KWCB-CIO

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, or about the way in which we process your data, or if you wish to change the way we use your data, including how we communicate with you, then please contact us via email at or by post at 3 Main Road, Kelmarsh, Northampton, Northamptonshire NN6 9LY.

Cookie Policy

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