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Develop and protect heritage,
conservation and education.

Only applications that meet the heritage conservation or educational criteria will be accepted for review.

Priority is given on merit via the scorecard.

Village Details

Naseby is a historic village most famous for the Battle of Naseby in 1645. It is also the source of the River Avon . In the sixth century known as Hnaefes-byrig (the fortified place of one Hnaef) a very old english name. By Domesday it had become Navesberie which is the oldest recorded spelling of the name, and as late as 1700 was still known as Navesby.

In the middle ages the village belonged to a series of great barons from William Peveril Guy de Laval Roger de Lacey Earls of Gloucester, Stafford and Edward Duke of Buckingham who was beheaded by Henry VIII for treason

By the mid 16th Century and the time of the Battle of Naseby the village had been divided into two  estates with the principle possession owned by the Shuckburgh family.  By the 19th cenury John Fitzgerald purchased the larger estate in the name of his wife Frances and John Maddock in right of his wife Hannah heiress of the Shuckburgh/Ashby inheritance.

Both the Ashby & Fitzgerald (followed by Viscount Clifden) estates, made huge improvements to the structure of the village by enclosing the land, cutting new roads, building the village school and chapel, and replacing the labourers cob cottages with the brick cottages and outlying farms in evidence today.

By 1919 both estates had run into such financial trouble they were both sold off making the village a freeholder village for the first time.

Very little changed in terms of development until the late 1960's when new houses started to be built on infill land and gardens until the present day.

Local village contacts

Scott Westaway

Richard Nicholson


Award decisions

Naseby Ladies Rounders team (Team kits)

Naseby Battlefield Project (Naseby 1645) Platform repairs Information board replacement

Naseby Amateur Dramatic Group (Sound and Stage equipment)

Friends of Naseby Play Area (Steel railings and gates) 

Covid 19 Benefit fund for key workers (Meals for Nurses)

Naseby Good Neighbours (Food parcels)

Naseby 1645 (Viewing boards)

Friends of Naseby Play area (Drainage to childrens play area)



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