Kelmarsh Windfarm Community Benefit

Award Decisions

We are pleased  to announce that we have funded a Defibrillator for your community,

which is situated at the top of the drive to Kelmarsh Hall.

Also some tables & benches for the Village Allotment site, which have now been christened with a "party" on Saturday 22nd June 2019,

when a great time was had by all.

Added to that we are really pleased to have helped a young girl who suffers with dyslexia,

with specially tinted glasses, to assist her with her school work and every day reading. 

We are very pleased to have contributed to Guilsborough Academy for Laptops and USB Document Cameras, as well 

as providing part of the cost for a Professional Councellor for those children, teachers and parents who found life difficult 

to cope with, due to the Corona Virus.

A grant has been awarded to Restore the Memorial Garden, in the village.

We have also financially assisted a young girl with transport to college and materials required for her course.

Another young girl in the village has been assisted with funding for private tuition, to help her gain her GCSE exams.

An Emergency Blood Control Kit has been purchased and will be erected next to the defibrillator at the top of The Hall drive, very shortly.

We have also shared the cost of the "Hardship Fund", with the other three villages, providing help for folk with general household bills, car MOT, heating oil and

made donations to Marie Curie, and provided local nurses with meals after a hard days work.

We continue to help those in financial difficulties, due to the Covid Virus preventing them from working and being able to cope with their day to day bills.


Keep those applications coming, any queries please do not hesitate to contact Dave or Jon (your village representatives)

who will be very happy to help you.